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第1题单选 W: Hi, Jane. Do you have any change? I have to make a call on the pay phone.

M: ________

A.Speaking please. I can pay for your phone.

B.What? You want to borrow some money to buy a phone?

C.No change at all. Are you calling from a pay phone?

D.Pay phone? Why not use my mobile phone?


第2题单选 Speaker A: Firstly, allow me to introduce myself. My name is John Brown, manager of the company.

Speaker B:

A.You must be mistaken. I don' t know you at all.

B.Hello, Brown! I haven' t seen you for ages.

C.How do you do, Mr. Brown? Very happy to see you.

D.Hi, John! Welcome to China.


第3题单选 Speaker A: Mind if I call you Albert?

Speaker B : ________

A.Yes, just call me A1.

B.Yes, you may do that.

C.Of course not. But just plain "Al" will do.

D.OK. Everyone does.


第4题单选 Speaker A: _________

Speaker B : It' s Saturday.

A.What date is it today?

B.What's the date?

C.What day is it today?

D.What' s day?


第5题单选 W: It seems to be clearing up.

M: ________

A.It' s such a nice change.

B.I don' t think this weather will last.

C.I hope it stays warm.

D.As long as it rains.


第6题单选 Client: Hello. May I speak to Mr. Turner?

Secretary :_________

A.I' m sorry. He' s at a meeting now.

B.I am. Speak, please.

C.Hello. Who' re you, please?

D.Hello. Thank you for calling.


第7题单选 Kate: Do you mind opening the door for me?

Bob: _________

A.Yes, I' ll do it.

B.It' s nothing.

C.That' s all fight.

D.Not at all.


第8题单选 Speaker A: I’ d like to book a ticket for next Monday morning to New York.

Speaker B : ________

A.What can I do for yoga?

B.What' s the matter?

C.At your service.

D.lust a second, please.


第9题单选 Speaker A: You are washing your car even on vacation. It makes me feel guilty.

Speaker B. _________

A.Though I' m washing my car on vacation, I was still criticized by my wife being lazy.

B.Never mind. Everyone does.

C.You shouldn' t. It' s just that I have nothing better to do at the moment.

D.Well, I' m afraid I can' t do better than this.


第10题单选 M: Can I see a demonstration of this tape recorder?

W: __________

A.No, I am afraid you can' t.

B.Sure. It is very easy to operate.

C.All right, sir. Here you go.

D.That' s all right. But we can' t break it up.