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  1、We'd better eliminate junk foods from our kitchen and keep a variety of high-quality foods _____ at all times.

  A. available

  B. desirable

  C. enormous

  D. numerous

  A)。考查形容词语义环境。四个选项的意思分别是:选项A)available现成可使用的,在手边的,可利用的;选项B)desirable称心如意的,值得有的,如I envy Jane because her job is so desirable. 我很羡慕简,因为她有一份很称心的工作。选项C)enormous巨大的,极大的,庞大的;选项D)numerous许多的,很多的,如:This is a conclusion he has drawn from numerous facts. 这是他从很多事实当中得出的结论。根据题干可判断出选项A)应为正确答案。全句的意思为“开心时时彩历史记录应清除厨房里的垃圾食品,而使各种高质量的食物随手可及”。

  2、Faced with rapid inflation and _____ international and 开心时时彩历史记录 markets, many firms have declared bankrupt.

  A. lessening

  B. shortening

  C. shrinking

  D. withdrawing

  C)。考查近义动词的语义辨析。各选项的意思及用法分别是:选项A) lessening减少,减轻,侧重指程度、重要性等的减轻。如:The defeat lessened our chances of winning the championship. 此次失败使开心时时彩历史记录夺冠的希望变得更加渺茫。lessen the burden of减轻负担;选项B) shortening缩短,变短,如The days are beginning to shorten. 天开始变短了。shorten the gap between缩小……之间的差距;选项C) shrinking使收缩,缩小,减少,侧重指尺寸、大小等的变小。如:The number of students attending the lecture has shrunk. 听讲座的学生人数减少了。Will this soap shrink woolen clothes? 这种肥皂会使羊毛衣服缩水吗?选项D) withdrawing收回,撤退,撤销,如:After awhile, he withdrew his proposal. 过了一会儿,他撤回了他的提议。根据题意可判断出选项C)应为正确答案。全句意思是“面对通货膨胀和日益缩小的国际国内市场,许多公司都已宜布破产”。

  3、In the New World as in Europe, each region developed its own _____ pattern of culture.

  A. distant

  B. distinct

  C. distinctive

  D. dismissed


  [考点]形容词辨析。distinct“清楚的,清晰的;明显的,明确的;(~ from)种类不同的,分开的”;distinctive“特别的,有特色的”。


  4、A. who

  B. whom

  C. him

  D. that




  5、You should have put the milk in the ice-box; I expect it _____ undrinkable by now.

  A. became

  B. had become

  C. has become

  D. becomes

  Best Answer: C

  详解:答案为C。与by now, so far, tip to now这样的短语连用时,谓语动词用现在完成时。

  6、The tendency to lie is perhaps _____ originally by imitations. It grows into a habit, unknown to its possessors.

  A. taken to

  B. taken over

  C. taken in

  D. taken up

  Best Answer: D


  take to表示“喜爱”;take over表示“接管”;take in表示“欺骗”;take up表示“接受,形成”。

  7、There were no tickets _____ for Friday's performance.

  A. preferable

  B. considerable

  C. possible

  D. available

  Best Answer: D


  8、Don't _____ this news to the public until we give you the go-ahead.

  A. release

  B. relieve

  C. relate

  D. retain

  Best Answer: A

  详解:答案为A。词形辨析题。release news指“泄露消息。”其余不构成搭配。relieve 指“减轻、缓解”。relate指“叙述、连接”;retain指“保留、维持”。

  9、The actual _____ by which coal is extracted is well worth watching.

  A. process

  B. procession

  C. pattern

  D. conduct

  Best Answer: A


  10、As a _____ president, his views are treated with respect when he is interviewed

  A. prior

  B. previous

  C. late

  D. former

  Best Answer: D